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My photography style is somewhat raw and quirky; it shows the viewer a stripped back, real image of the subject. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for some. You’ll know when you see it if it’s right for you. Photography is powerful like that.

Being heavily influenced by graffiti and street art having grown up around some pretty amazing artists of the time, I love a day at a wall, cold beverage in one hand and my camera in the other, while artists at work create and I capture. I appreciate the level of anonymity, the mystery.

I also shoot natural light creative portraits, gig and band photography, fashion, conceptual, pet and family portraits, and anything from the underground (take that last one as you will.)

I started photographing bands in 2009 and gained a love for raw emotion portraits very quickly. Capturing moments between your family and your greatest loves, inside your home is what I love most, and truly think I’m best at.

I then branched out into street documentation, more family shoots and band photography when I was lucky enough to have the chance. I met some of my best friends who I will know for the rest of my life this way. I worked in one of the last fully operational photographic labs, developing C41, True Black and Whites and E6 films, changing paper and loading films in the darkroom, and printing them on a big ole’ Noritsu RA4 machines. From glass plate negatives from the late 1800’s, to the latest film fad the hipster kids were into (Lomo, anyone?!) I was lucky enough to see several generations of traditions in my time there. My boss was a quirky old Englishman who ate exactly 22 almonds for morning tea every day, developed and printed the negative for Pink Floyds ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ album sleeve and was head of the Fuji Lab at Expo ’88 in Brisbane. Safe to say I had some inspiring (and odd) heads around me for those 4 years.

Photography is my life, I’m lucky to see light in ways others don’t and be able to use and capture it to my subject’s advantage. So please, get in touch, let me show you and lets get real.

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