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My Story

My photography style is raw and quirky; it shows the viewer a stripped back, real world view of the
subject matter. You’ll know when you see it if it’s right for you. Photography is powerful like that.

I had a complicated upbringing. Family health issues and some irresponsible adults had me making
decisions that should have been left up to people much older. But my coping mechanism was “art”,  and as it turns out I’m a pretty darn responsible adult now because of!
Designs, creating, and eventually, photography.
My support network back then was made up of people like me – decent kids, but without
somewhere to be. So, we went everywhere and did whatever we thought would entertain us. We
weren’t trouble, but we did get in trouble every now and then.
I saw a lot of raw life: construction sites, rejected estates, forgotten landmarks, and the tapestry of
the neighbourhood – uneven roads, graffitied walls, discarded belongings, sunless alleyways and
shadeless streets everywhere to make way for the dawn of CCTV everywhere.
Having grown up around some pretty amazing graffiti and street artists, I love a day at a wall with
some artists unleashing and my camera in hand. The anonymity and mystery is what captivates me.
Maybe the work was done by a high-profile artist, or maybe by someone who was just having a
colourful day.

I’ve since transitioned into shooting natural light creative portraits, live gig and band photography,
fashion, and anything from the underground.
Will totally do pets and family portraits, but can we make them fun?
I started photographing bands in 2009 and gained a love for raw emotion portraits very quickly.
Capturing moments between people and their passions, inside or outside, is what I love most.
I have branched out into street documentation, authentic family shoots and some abstract works
along the way, which also led me to meet some of my best friends and finest artists in the country.

I spent time in one of the last fully operational photographic labs, developing C41, True Black and
Whites and E6 films, changing paper and loading films in the darkroom, and printing them on big ole’
Noritsu RA4 machines. From glass plate negatives from the late 1800’s, to the latest film fad the
hipster kids were into, I was lucky enough to see several generations of traditions in my time there.

I have plenty of lab stories to tell if ever you’re interested. Plenty.

Photography is my life. I’m lucky to see light in ways others don’t and be able to use and capture it to
my subject’s advantage.
Let’s meet up. Tell me about you, and I will show you what it looks like through the lens of my

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